Top US Artificial Discs

There are number of discs on the market and in development- each with specific features, benefits and distinct clinical results.

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Top US Surgeon Users

Knowing which surgeons have the most experience with artificial discs is crucial to the decision process as a potential patient.

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Artificial Disc Clinical Results

We simplify the clinical results from the FDA trials so that you can make an informed decision.

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Disc Arthroplasty Headquarters


Our team of industry experts have decades of experience in spinal disc arthroplasty.  Our team, and extensive network within the industry enables us to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on products, surgeon users, and latest news.

We are not affiliated with any disc company and therefore provide you with unbiased content so that you can make an informed decision as a potential patient.  If you’re a surgeon, we give you open access to the options you have before deciding which disc is right for you, your practice and most importantly your patients.


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Join our community to stay informed of the latest news in the world of spinal disc arthroplasty.  Also get access to reports and details on discs that are customized only to this news site.

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